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    Codédex - An Honest Review Of The Learn To Code Platform


    by Michael Beer — 12 minute read


    So I have used many platforms to learn how to code over the years, and have had mixed feedback. Some good solutions like FreeCodeCamp and Leetcode have existed for a while, but whenever something new comes up I always like to try it out.

    I found out about a new site, From checking out the landing page, it seems like a learn to code platform with a Pokemon vibe to it, which is nice because it feels like you are playing a game when you are doing the exercises. The bright colours pop out and make it seems much livelier than other learn to code sites. But what I found really cool is its community feel which I was instantly drawn to (I will expand on this shortly).

    The dashboard

    After trying the tool out for 30 minutes, doing some of the learning exercises etc, it really starts to feel like a game. You get XP for completing the tasks, and there is a cute computer that gives you news, (and it feels like a character from Pokemon). For a new company, the number of courses it has is impressive. At the time of writing, they have 8 main courses, covering the most popular languages (HTML, JS, etc). They also have ‘badges’, but I am not sure what they actually do, I think its just a novelty thing right now.

    The Learn Section

    Next they have their ‘practice’ section. This includes ‘challenges’, which feels kind of like Leetcode. But what I enjoy more is their ‘projects’ section. Here they have a bunch of different projects you can do, with each project having a tutorial on how to build it. The projects are fun and vague, allowing you to easily customise them, or build additional features past the tutorial. This is definitely where I spend more of my time.

    The Build Section

    I will briefly mention their ‘build’ feature, which is basically an online IDE similar to Replit. Personally I don’t use it because its much easier just to use VSCode.

    Finally, I want to mention my favourite part of Codédex, their community. I feel this really sets them a part from the other learn to code sites. First off, its private. You have to complete a couple exercises (100XP) to unlock it. This means that its full of high quality, active members, and does not feel like a ghost town, which many other Discords feel like. They are always doing community events, and the team feels friendly and welcoming from my couple interactions with them.

    The Community

    To summarise, I would recommend Codédex to anyone looking to learn how to code, and I recommend you join the community, as I feel it helps you stay motivated and surround yourself with other people that are learning how to code!

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